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The watch app


Once you receive a notification on your phone (deppending the preffered configuration), you will be receiving a copy on your watch. If the app allows you (the user) to reply your Android phone status-bar then AMF will give you the option to reply via quick messages, emoji, or by the embedded basic keyboard.

You will also be able to "mute the app" or "mute de user" for a determined amount of time so you wont receive messages on your watch. Once the "muted" time has ended you will be receiving again messages from that app/user.

The notification screen contains at the top: the current time. So you can read your notification and still be using your 'basic time-watch' function followed by the name of the APP that started the notification.

Then you will have on a smaller scale the time when the notification was received followed by the notification subject. Below them you will be able to read the message.

If you receive various notifications but you dont read them, they will be stacking one each other. The oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top.


At the bottom of the screen you will have a button to "dismiss all pending" notifications if you simply dont want to read them and want to free your phone screen.

Then you have the "A"ction button. That button will give you access to various functions depending the app that generated the notification.


And least the green button is the "next" button. It will navigate thru all stacked messages one by one. If you enable on your phone watch the "dismissal on phone too" option, then every time you dismiss a message on your watch, it will be dismissed on your phone too.

If you enable this option and later when you receive a message and you want to dismiss it only from watch but not from phone (you are planning to open it later) then you can SWIPE the app name from LEFT to RIGHT using your finger. That will dismiss the message only on your watch.



You can TAP and HOLD the time  to "Minimize" and be able to read the background app.



after you are done reading the background app, you can maximize back by TAP and HOLD again the time.



You can choose the "dark" theme on your Phone AMF App


The "A"ction button will give you access to:

  • Quick Reply
  • Emoji / Keyboard reply (Basic embedded keyboard is enabled on AMF phone app)
  • Mute Contact
  • Mute APP
  • Dismiss (If your setting is that the 'next button' wont dismiss the phone notification you will have here the option to do it).

The Quick Reply option will take you to a scrollable screen where you have up to 10 messages you have pre-configured on AMF Phone app.

To send you must locate first the message you want, then you must TAP and HOLD the desired message. That action will push the reply to the phone and will perform the "next" option automatically.

Replying a message will dismiss too the notification from your phone's status bar.



You can select various emoji. If you want to delete all composed message you can press the red "x" at the left of compose area. When ready to send you should press the "green next" arrow.


Changing Keyboards

If the 'Basic embedded keyboard' is enabled on AMF Phone app, you can use the Switch button and alternate emoji/text on the compose box.


BASIC Embedded keyboard

The keyboard will provide you the basic keys to compose a message.  Keyboard still on improvement and could change in near future.


Mute Contact will take you to a screen where you can choose for how much time you dont want to receive messages from that individual.

The APP will continue sending notifications from everyone except this contact. When the time is done, you automatically will receive back messages as usual.


Mute APP will take you to a simmilar screeen. The difference is that mute will be aplied to every contact on that app.



The app is loaded with a default font size that can be customized from AMF Phone app


Increase size

You can increase font size by +2, +4, +6, +8 and by +10.


Maximum size

+10 is the maximum size


The app can be customized to various languages (currently adding more)...

You can change language from your AMF Phone app


Google Maps Navigation notifications are delivered to your watch.

This feature doesn't  use watch integrated GPS. AMF just receives notifications generated on Phone and delivers them to watch.

This feature could cause quick battery drain on your watch by maintaining your bluetooth signal ON during navigation.



If you are on a meeting or going to take a nap, you can press the -SILENCE- button, which will remove notification vibration from incoming messages until you press it again to remove silence.

Also it prevent screen turning ON on each message arrival.

This feature is a battery saver during that times.